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My father’s death made me strong: Sachin Tendulkar :
That was the most difficult stage of my life,” an emotional Tendulkar recalled.
He hailed his mother’s quiet strength that helped him in the darkest hour of his life.
Saying that she made him realise that someone has to take the responsibility of
the house. He reckoned that his mother’s strength made him more determined to perform for his country.
Tendulkar, who was 26 at the time when his father passed away, was struck by
the shock of his father’s untimely death during the 1999 World Cup in England.
He revealed how he flew back to be by his family’s side but his mother forced him to play for India.
“My mom said that even my father would have wanted me to go back and play, because if I sit back at home then it would possibly be the worst thing,” Tendulkar
told the media.


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