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An Open Letter By A Proud Son

Dear Papa,

I never told you but what the best thing I always wanted with me forever; was you. You were the one I valued most, I treasured most, I cared about most, but never told you that. Each time you were not near I was more than sacred & prayed for your early return. The few special days in a year when you used to drop me to school on that scooter the school was most tough place to step in even when I was in seniors because Just wasn’t courageous enough to say bye to you. I never told you how much I loved you but ended up always hurting you. Maybe I was not always a good son but you were the best dad I could have had.

The sacrifices you made, the struggles you went through with your labor was just the best teaching for me. The examples you left behind is still teaching me. But Wish I could have any how lowered the pain you were going through. I am sorry and I regret I could do nothing to lower that pain you faced maybe because I was always unaware of that. From the stories I hear about you now I learned that from the childhood to the last day you never had happy days, and I also learned from your friends that how much you loved me, think and worry about me..!
I praise your love…I praise your bravery…I praise your ideals…I praise your power to bear endless pain (still amazed How u did that?)…!

I am trying to follow your footsteps..!

Thank You for Being my Dad
I Love You Papa..! (Wish I would have told that when you were alive)
You are in my heart and will always remain there..!
Happy Birthday to You

Your’s Follower & Proud Son