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Ask Questions…?

We all have problems, it can be in any form, maybe an incapability, economic or social or just due to any other valid/invalid cause. Like any ordinary guy I too have faced a few problems myself, few of them related to physical incapability but most of them were due to state of mind; some call it ego others call it pride, but i call it FEAR.

Now, why do I call it Fear, Actually ego or pride don’t give birth to problems, it’s the fear to face the consequences creates a big hurdle between us and happiness. This state of mind is the root cause of all the major grief and miseries. It’s the fear to lower one’s pride or ego, fear to bring the real oneself in front of world is what create problems.

The question comes straight here is that how to face this fear? From my experience I would suggest the better way to overcome fear is to ask questions. Everyday people do many acts , acts of love and acts of hatred. Acts of love usually not needs any clarifications because they speak for themselves but acts of hatred do need clarifications. For us the best way to get clarification is to “Ask Questions”. Asking questions enable us to learn the reason behind the wrong act and prepare us better to solve the problem and face it with more confidence.

As being human we are blessed with the power to put forward questions, so that we can ask, why such thing happened or why it was didn’t? Most of the relationship problems take a big shape when we don’t clarify the matters with the other person. Questions have great power in them, they bring people closer, they make people to suppress fear(ego) and face the other person; which can in turn remove differences between relations.

That what i meant to say: One have to ask questions, to oneself, to others and find the answer.

To Be Happier & Live Friendly We Have To ASK QUESTIONS. So stand up and Start QUESTIONING…& believe me you will do a lot GOOD to you.


Be Creative, Do Small Acts With Love

Cleaning a floor can be tremendously creative act. Creativity has nothing to with any particular work. Creativity has to do with the quality of your consciousness. Whatever u does can become creative if u knows what creativity means.

Creativity means enjoying any work as meditation; doing any work with love. Are you thinking that if you paint, you will feel creative? But painting is just as ordinary as cleaning the floor. You will be throwing colors on a canvas. Here you go on washing and cleaning the floor. What is the difference?

Talking to somebody, if you feel time is being wasted, instead you would like to write a great book: then you will be creative, it’s not that way; a friend has come: a little gossiping is perfectly beautiful.

All great scriptures are nothing but conversations of people who were creative. If you really love something it is creative. It is you ego that is creating the trouble, Drop the ego and everything is creative. A holy man is an ordinary man who loves ordinary life, Chopping wood, carrying water from the well, cooking.. Whatever he touches becomes holy. Not that he is doing great things, but whatever he does, he does it greatly.

The greatness is not in the thing done. The greatness is in the consciousness that you bring while you do it. When I say be creative, I do not mean that you should all go and become great painters and poets. I simply mean “let your life be a painting, let your life be pottery”.