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Life: One More Reason To Live

Life, it has its own reasons, effects and consequences. It begins with a cry; it ends with a cry. Meanwhile it’s all about each type of emotions and feelings one can even think about. For some it’s a bone, for some it’s a bane and for rest it’s just about living. Yes, when it brings smiles we are thankful, thankful to the people around; when it doesn’t we hate it, we hate the same people around whom we were thankful, we hate ourselves, we hate the life we are living.

    Now a question comes to my mind: Do we have the right to hate ourselves? Do we have the right to hate our life? I gave it a thought, when I tried to search for the answer, I ended up asking another question: Did it was our decision to have this life? This time the answer was clear: No. We were not born of our own wish, we were given this life, it could have been willingly or unwillingly but the decision was surely not ours. Our life is not our own, it is gifted to us. Hence how come we own the right to hate ourselves i.e. hate our life, when it was never our own.  

    Last evening read a real life story of a girl who after failing in love ended her life, leaving her old disabled parents behind, living a life bitter than death, but in spite of this they didn’t took the same way which their loving daughter took. They decided to dedicate what else countable heartbeats they possess for the welfare of the nature, for the welfare of the needy, for the welfare of the society.

    What the old parents did was bravery, why do I called it bravery not because they were able to hide the pain of loosing there own young daughter, but because they were brave enough to live, to survive the toughest of the times which we cant even think about facing, brave enough to live there life and not letting it become futile instead to make it fruitful, fruits which can serve the people around, serve the society. They are a lesson in themselves, lesson to change the aim. The parents who were living for there selfish daughter (yes she was “selfish” who kept her wishes above those of people loving her) are now have a different aim, they have a different reason to survive. Such reason can be for anything for the wishes we have, for society, for nature, for animals, for needy, for nation or it could be anything which can pay back the gift of life. Be a tree, even when it’s out of fruits or flowers it doesn’t kill itself, it stands tall and gives shadows to the strangers without any expectations of getting return backs.

    The answer is, we don’t even have the smallest of the right to hate ourselves, yes we can hate others how much we want to but we can never hate ourselves and those who does for them I would say : “In the tough situation you are, it can be the mistake of your deeds but not the mistake of real you; who is crying; who wants to punish him/herself, ask yourself, can’t the deeds be corrected, can’t the aim be changed, think about it, yes you can correct your deeds, for that you have this opportunity to live long and get all your wrong decisions amended, even if you feel no one needs you, than its the people in worse conditions who need someone to help, needs you, act for them try living for them, make use of the opportunity and let the life you possess be proved as the best gift you ever had.”

    We have a beautiful life gifted to us, living it to the extent and spreading selfless smiles can only be one of the ultimate things we can aim for. Instead of expecting more gifts from it, giving few back are the better acts that can be performed by us on this journey full of strangers and hurdles. When have nothing to loose, heart don’t wants to beats, mind stops working, end expectations, just keep moving and serving all the way along. When the times are really tough slow down the pace but keep walking as the road is long and the scenes are numerous. Let you be the tough tree, spread the shadow, pay the debt, and grow to the new heights. Sky awaits you; Sun is waiting to see you next morning.


An Open Letter By A Proud Son

Dear Papa,

I never told you but what the best thing I always wanted with me forever; was you. You were the one I valued most, I treasured most, I cared about most, but never told you that. Each time you were not near I was more than sacred & prayed for your early return. The few special days in a year when you used to drop me to school on that scooter the school was most tough place to step in even when I was in seniors because Just wasn’t courageous enough to say bye to you. I never told you how much I loved you but ended up always hurting you. Maybe I was not always a good son but you were the best dad I could have had.

The sacrifices you made, the struggles you went through with your labor was just the best teaching for me. The examples you left behind is still teaching me. But Wish I could have any how lowered the pain you were going through. I am sorry and I regret I could do nothing to lower that pain you faced maybe because I was always unaware of that. From the stories I hear about you now I learned that from the childhood to the last day you never had happy days, and I also learned from your friends that how much you loved me, think and worry about me..!
I praise your love…I praise your bravery…I praise your ideals…I praise your power to bear endless pain (still amazed How u did that?)…!

I am trying to follow your footsteps..!

Thank You for Being my Dad
I Love You Papa..! (Wish I would have told that when you were alive)
You are in my heart and will always remain there..!
Happy Birthday to You

Your’s Follower & Proud Son



Be Creative, Do Small Acts With Love

Cleaning a floor can be tremendously creative act. Creativity has nothing to with any particular work. Creativity has to do with the quality of your consciousness. Whatever u does can become creative if u knows what creativity means.

Creativity means enjoying any work as meditation; doing any work with love. Are you thinking that if you paint, you will feel creative? But painting is just as ordinary as cleaning the floor. You will be throwing colors on a canvas. Here you go on washing and cleaning the floor. What is the difference?

Talking to somebody, if you feel time is being wasted, instead you would like to write a great book: then you will be creative, it’s not that way; a friend has come: a little gossiping is perfectly beautiful.

All great scriptures are nothing but conversations of people who were creative. If you really love something it is creative. It is you ego that is creating the trouble, Drop the ego and everything is creative. A holy man is an ordinary man who loves ordinary life, Chopping wood, carrying water from the well, cooking.. Whatever he touches becomes holy. Not that he is doing great things, but whatever he does, he does it greatly.

The greatness is not in the thing done. The greatness is in the consciousness that you bring while you do it. When I say be creative, I do not mean that you should all go and become great painters and poets. I simply mean “let your life be a painting, let your life be pottery”.

What Is Love?

What is love…?

Love for some is mere attraction but for others it is life…

for some it just sex..

for some it is just part time feeling…

but in reality according to me…

love is when you are not you..

nothing out there except your love remains more important for you..

nothing can give you more smile then smile on the face of your love..


you are in love when you don’t earn to buy your happiness but to buy the happiness for your love..

you are in love when you always keep thinking of the ways to give happiness to your love..

you are in love when you leave most important of your works just to help your love..

you are in love when you feel worst when you find that you were not there for your love when he/she was in any sort of trouble..

you are in love when you take pain not to show or prove anyone but when you want your love not to feel that same pain..

so this means..

you are in love when you are no more for yourself but you live for your love…


your love can be a person, or an animal, or any abstract object around or anything that gives you pleasure..

but it’s definition is universal..


love is dedication…love is sacrifice…love is selflessness…

love is truthfulness…

love is humanity..